Garden Window Prices, Benefits, and How to Choose the Best for Your Home

Garden windows are extremely beautiful additions to any wall, especially the one facing your garden. They add beauty, extra sunshine, personality and a great platform to showcase some of your most beautiful garden and pot plants to yourself and your visitors’ eyes. Due to their large size and thickness, garden window prices can be rather steep. Add the price of installation and other additives, and this can put off any person from enjoying the special magnificence and sunshine they add to a house. This article aims to discuss everything about garden windows, from cost, benefits, tips for saving an extra buck when shopping for one, hopefully by the time you are done reading, you will be convinced to get one, while at the same time wiser, able to make a prudent purchase while not compromising on the quality.

What is Garden Window?

A garden window (or greenhouse window) is simply a window shaped in the manner of a box with a slanted glass roof. It can add space above your kitchen area, bring in more light to your home, as well as provide good space for decorations or potted plants. Garden windows are made of the same materials as most other windows, but they require extra support due to their three dimensional character. The frames of a garden window can be made of vinyl, which is cheap, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum, which is quite strong and durable. The garden window frame you choose for your window depends on your desires, climate and uses. Some people also told that this is another small form of bay windows.

Garden Windows Benefits

Garden windows offer the following benefits to a home owner:
Garden Window Prices

  1. They allow more light to come into a home, as well as more fresh air to circulate inside the room. The plants you place in your garden window will release oxygen during the day, hence providing pure air that is so refreshing during the day.
  2. Secondly, they offer a great platform to show off the best plants you have to outsiders as well as people inside the house. Since they work like greenhouses, any plants placed inside a garden window will benefit from extra sunshine, warmth, air and hence do well.
  3. They will take much less space than a garden, and are perfect for showing off the potted plants you are most proud of.
  4. They also making gardening much easier, since all the plants are at an easily attainable height and can be pruned and watered with ease.
  5. Garden windows are also beneficial because they add beauty to a home. By providing a platform where extra light can come into your home, as well as extra sunshine, a place for decorations and a window to the outside world, they make a home much more beautiful and personable.
  6. Garden windows will also trap the warmth gotten from sunshine, making them very beneficial during the cold winter months when the heating bill can skyrocket and cause undue pressure on the environment.

Garden Windows Prices

Now that we have run the roost over the benefits and uses of garden windows, let us look at garden windows prices, and how this can be reduced so as not to play a prohibitive role in preventing you from investing in a garden window. The cost of a garden window depend on a number of factors, chiefly:

  • the size and style
  • the material used as the garden window frame
  • the brand of window you are investing in
  • as well as whether it is made to order or bought from stock

A standard vinyl garden window, which is the material most prefer for their windows, measuring 3×3 feet may cost anywhere between $500 to $1000. This price will go up to over $1,000 if the garden window is oval shaped, made of glass coating, tinted or has other enhancements added.

When one adds the cost of installation, the typical garden window prices goes up to above $3,000, with a fully fitted 3×3 feet awning style window costing at least US $3,000. This also depends on the market influence, such as the rates of material in your vicinity, the size of the window as well as any individual preferences and specifications you may wish added to the garden window.


There are many garden window manufacturers who make windows. These are our picks when it comes to garden windows manufacturer available to contact:

Lowe’s. This company have a little amount of ready garden windows to add to your home. However, you will be pleased to contact them, just in consulting for your custom-made windows. They provide the glass for this kind of windows and more importantly, they mostly guide you how to pick the best design, style, and what size fit your needs. I would recommend this one at #1, slightly above Home Depot.

Home Depot. What good with this company is they offer custom-made installation for customer’s needs. They understand that everyone have unique needs. Therefore, they allow the customers to pick the desired size, materials, design, colors of their very own garden windows. They also provide window boxes and other decorative stuffs for more outstanding-look garden windows.

Milgard and Andersen. By visiting such stores or online sites, one can make use of the price calculators, design tools as well as budgeting tips that can be useful in finding out exactly how much your garden window will cost. Ensure you talk to more than two window suppliers to get a comparison of prices, so as to get the best value for money possible.

How to Pick the Best Garden Window

You can choose a garden window that is professionally installed like I told you earlier (the manufacturer section), but if you wish to save some money, you can use a kit and install a garden window for yourself. This will be tricky, since it can be hard, so do not take this option if you are not good at this sort of task.

Ensure you have the right measurements for your window; this will give you a better indication of what your garden window will cost. Talk to a professional to help you choose the best garden window for your home and needs. This will save you time and stress. A good energy efficient garden window will cost more upfront, but with time, it is a better fit since you will save money on heating and energy bills.

Your Turn

A garden window is a superb and beautiful addition to any home. If you feel that your kitchen or living area is a little drab, a garden window can add light, beauty, personal and extra space for decorations that will make it much more attractive to look at and be around. Added to the better air and light, as well as warmth garden windows can add to a home, and it becomes a very attractive addition. Just make sure you do all the research necessary on the garden window prices in your area, look for the best fit for your needs and remember that cheap can sometimes mean expensive in the long run when getting the garden window for your home. Enhance your home’s beauty now!